The Sustainable Way, originally called “El Camino Sostenible”, was born in 2016 at the proposal of the Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve to find an entertaining and enjoyable way to publicize the operation of the Biosphere Reserve and its objectives.

A friend and I were brainstorming about how we would approach this new project. I am an engineer and he is a photographer but we both are passionate about nature and cycling and wanted to explain what sustainability is, a word almost as used as unknown.

At first, it was not easy. We had many ideas in mind but in the end, we chose the one that would soon become an adventure for both of us

To learn something, it is best to ask those who know about it. We thought that asking in the Biosphere Reserves was our best option. We should look for projects in these territories as an example of sustainability.

We looked up the map of Spain with all the Biosphere Reserves on it. Where could we go? How were we going to go? How could we make it a sustainable trip? These questions had an almost immediate answer. Maybe, having done the Camino de Santiago in 2014 helped, but it seemed obvious that we had to go by bike. Using a sustainable means of transport would set an example.  As for the route, it ended up being a free interpretation of the Camino de Santiago, jumping between the Primitive, the Northern and the French Way.

Four Biosphere Reserves we visited for a short but intense period. There we found the right people to answer all our questions and tell us about everything necessary to raise awareness about sustainability

Our journey did not stop here. There still are many unknown sustainable stories to tell and many people who would like to tell them. We offer our website to tell all these stories.

We traveled 700 km on our bicycles looking for sustainable projects along the Biosphere Reserves that are on Saint James’ way.

Now, we continue to look for sustainable projects and actively participate in the youth networks of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program.

Contact us if you want to tell us about your own Sustainable Way!

Daniel Vázquez Ambroa

Rodrigo López Piquín