Comunication for MaB Youth empowerment

The words we choose and the medium we use are part of the content of our message. The way organisms communicate with young people is as important as the content of the messages. UNESCO must speak the “language” of young people, this is what is discussed in point 9 of the Declaration of the First IberoMaB Youth Forum.

9.- Promote the use of virtual platforms and social media as empowerment mechanisms to transmit the value of Biosphere Reserves and the contribution of youth.

We need to improve communication between the Biosphere Reserve management and UNESCO with youth organizations. For the information to arrive we must know how to communicate it.

It is also important to encourage communication among young people, establishing the right tools for them to create networks of young people.

Therefore, the following is proposed:

  1. Establish a communication policy with youth based on the use of virtual platforms and social media. Goals:
    1. Build and manage the online community around the MaB program.
    2. Maintain stable and lasting relationships with the youth of the MaB.
    3. Creation of attractive and high quality content for youth.
    4. Monitor all UNESCO publications and news in favor of sustainability and youth to communicate them.
    5. Search for youth projects that share objectives with the MaB program and disseminate them.