Governance for MaB Youth empowerment

A good way to empower young people is to involve them in decision-making. That is why we need an improvement in the governance of the Biosphere Reserves and the MaB Program.

The First IberoMaB Youth Forum reaches this conclusion and introduces a concrete proposal in item four of the declaration:

4.- To select, democratically and with parity criteria, a representative of the youth of each Biosphere Reserve and one representative per country, to participate directly in the governance bodies of the biosphere reserves and the IberoMab Network.

Young people must take part in the decisions that affect them directly. Therefore, they need to be a part of the governance of the MaB Program and the Biosphere Reserves.

There are many different forms of governance for Biosphere Reserves, being private or public bodies, dependent on local or state governments… From my point of view, they should have something in common: the participation of the agents of the territory and, in particular, of youth.

Young people must lead the changes to adapt the productive model to the SDGs.

In order to consolidate the achievements of the Biosphere Reserves in the future, it is essential to ensure the generational renewal of management bodies.

We have to encourage that in all Biosphere Reserves there is at least one young person within the board of directors. Therefore, the following is proposed:

  1. A statistical analysis of the average age of the board of directors of the Biosphere Reserves in order to monitor the situation and propose corrective measures, if necessary.
  2. Name a youth representative in all Biosphere Reserves using the established basic selection criteria.