Information for MaB Youth empowerment

The central element that drives today’s society is digital information. Information is the key to how society adds value and redistributes power.

In a connected world, information gains power because it is stored in huge quantities, it is easy to locate topics of interest and is widely distributed. The Biosphere Reserves have a great ally in the information, they must take it as a resource.

To take advantage of this resource, it is necessary to facilitate the ability to locate data, convert it into information and apply it in context.

Point 6 of the Declaration of the First IberoMaB Youth Forum, describes the medium (virtual platform) and the content to be disclosed:

6.- Create a virtual platform for IberoMaB’s youth that includes information on projects, financing, educational opportunities, exchanges and research that allow us to face the challenges of youth.

It is very important for young people to have this information to become entrepreneurs in their territory. To protect biodiversity and the territory where we live, the first thing is to be able to live in it. Sharing the information of sustainable economic projects will inspire young people around the world.

Therefore, the following is proposed:

  1. A project to create a virtual platform (or adapt an existing one) with the following objectives:
    1. To store and distribute information by establishing models to make projects and ideas easily comparable.
    2. Promote networking.
    3. Disseminate ideas, projects, financial opportunities, training, exchange programs and research.