Proposal for youth entrepreneurship in Biosphere Reserves

Entrepreneurship is the best tool for economic growth and development of the territory and young people are leading it. In the Biosphere Reserves these projects are sustainable and contribute to the protection of biodiversity.

Young people have a greater predisposition to undertake than previous generations. Working for another person, especially in today’s precarious conditions, does not compensate us. We prefer self-employment. We rather fight for our own project relying on our capacity and resources to achieve success.

The creation of entrepreneurship is an important source of economic and social growth. It contributes to the creation of jobs, to the diversification of the productive framework, to innovation, to the strengthening of small and medium enterprises and to a greater distribution of economic power.

Entrepreneurship favors social change and strengthens the middle class.

The Biosphere Reserves must incorporate in their development function a strategy for entrepreneurship in their territory. They must generate self-employment opportunities, advise the entrepreneur and offer training and financing.

At a global level, the factors that affect the entrepreneurial capacity of youth that must be worked on are business structure, education system and legal regulations.

Therefore, the following is proposed:

  1. Prioritize the promotion of entrepreneurship in the development function of the Biosphere Reserves.
  2. Establish an entrepreneurial strategy in the Biosphere Reserves with the objective of:
    1. Advise entrepreneurs.
    2. Offer training.
    3. Seek financing for sustainable projects.
  3. Establish an entrepreneurial strategy in UNESCO that affects:
    1. Business structure.
    2. Education system.
    3. Legal regulations.